The Shanghai Softball League started in 1991 with only five teams made up of Western and Asian expats. The league currently has 14 teams and our games are played at the New Bund Sports Center.

Each year the Shanghai Softball League plays two seasons, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. The Spring Season usually begins in April and ends around the first week of June, while the Fall Season usually begins in September and ends mid-November.

The SSL is made up of two teams from Japan, five teams from Taiwan, and seven international teams with players from all over the world for a total of fourteen teams. Each Sunday during the season, approximately 250 players and spectators come out to enjoy a great day of ball and friendship.

Every Sunday each team plays two games with the day's first games usually starting at 9:00 am and the last ending around 6:00 pm (depending on sunset times). Each game is seven innings or limited to one hour each. The season runs 7 weeks with an added weekend for the two-day Cakey Cup and CJ Cup Tournaments.

The coveted Cakey Cup is trophy that has been passed from winner to winner since 2000. It was named after Michael “Cakey” Cakebread, a leader in our league that only played cricket growing up. Michael passed away in 2000, a victim of cancer at the age of 50 years old. As former League Commissioner China Jim recalls, “Michael was working for a company called Shorblock that agreed to sponsor our field fees for the whole league. The league started with the Shanghai Cup and then it became the Shorblock Cup for about three seasons. When Michael died, his boss said that he’d like to do something special and donate a trophy in Michael’s memory. One day, he showed up with this silver cup. It’s made from the same company that made the Stanley Cup and the World Series trophy, the premier trophy making company in America. The Cakey Cup that rests on top of the trophy is actually made out of silver and was priced at $2000 USD at the time.” After receiving the silver cup, Jim decided to attach it to a wooden base big enough to fit engraved plaques of each season's championship team roster.

As the league has continued to grow, the talent level has become very diverse. A number of years ago we split the league into Divisions A & B but remained with one single tournament. In the Spring of 2013, Commish at the time, Bob Ferguson, proposed to the league that we have a double elimination tournament for each division; Division A would compete against each other for the Cakey Cup, and the Division B play each other for the CJ Cup, named after the league’s longest reigning Commish, China Jim (who is still playing at the fields).

A long-standing tradition in Shanghai, "Softball Sunday" is a day for baseball and softball enthusiasts to break free from the busy Shanghai life to have some fun in the sun with old and new friends alike. In addition to the games that we play in Shanghai, the league sends a team (or two) out to international tournaments all across Asia. We have sent teams to Bangkok, Pattaya, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen, and Taipei.