Just when you think it's summer, let alone spring has arrived, Shanghai bends you over again by featuring winter-like conditions on a softball Sunday. At least the day provided us with a clear path as to where the teams will stack up come Cakey Cup time.

Starting with Division B, the Borrachos look like they will make the climb up to the A, leading to the first time no team featuring Western players will be represented in the B come next season. However, stranger things have happened as Cobra have beaten A League teams before and could make a run for the title thanks to winning two last Sunday and remaining one game behind the Borrachos.

In Division A, the Sons look to win their 158th title as regular season champs unless an act of God happens and they lose both games. They solidified their position by taking two on the day from Nanyu, who look as if they will return to the B, and a struggling Barbeerians team that always plays tough come Cakey; and you can bet will be out recruiting hard over the summer.

The biggest game of the day was a grudge match between the world champion Thundersharkz and the Blackwalkers. The latter being sans Fredian Lannister, who is currently occupying a grimy jail cell for troglodytes on Yongkangfell for his part in Grindr Stark’s torture and Robin Snow’s kidnapping. The Blackwalkers were able to take this one in a very close, heated game where we even witnessed the Blackwalker known as Googy Woogy wander off the base in the middle of the game like he was experiencing mushrooms for the first time and naturally tagged out. In the following game, the Blackwalkers took on a battle tested Dragons team. In the final inning, with the Dragon's tying run on third base, a shot was hit to 3rd baseman Nate "I'm too busy" Samuelson, who looked off the runner and threw to Trey Cool to get the force at 2nd. Noticing the runner on 3rd was indeed heading home, Trey threw a bullet to Toby "Sweet Rope" Ayre for the final out of the game. Great finish to a great game and so now we wait for two weeks for the final Sunday before Cakey where the B League plays the A. Will there be some upsets...stay tuned!

As a reminder, we might not be playing softball this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that Sunday will be quiet as this week features a cornucopia of pub sports otherwise known as “The Pub Crawl Olympics”. This is where you will see true athletes in their natural habitat... a barroom. Events such as the smoking apple toss, talking shit at one’s expense, finding a Veenam wife at Manhattans, Joss snorting, and best drop of a shit .gif on a WeChat conversation will be heavily indulged upon. Good luck to all our heroes and remember to bring your dream teams come Sunday...

Danger out!

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