Wow! Just wow! Congratulations to the Thundersharkz for absolutely dominating the tournament for the 4th time in a row. This is an amazing feat that puts these gents up on the pantheon of greatness shared with the Sons and the Boozerz. The Tsharkz should be very proud of this accomplishment as it is indeed a rarity. Also, to do it in an undefeated fashion (16-0) puts the cherry on the pie. If they can keep their mojo working next season, we would be talking an unprecedented 5th consecutive championship and their spot in history as the greatest! But, like anything in life, it will be up for debate by those other teams of lore. We would also like to say the Step-Dads put up a helluva fight in the Cakey and will be back with a vengeance come next season. They played great and really came together as a team during this tournament.

Over to the CJ Cup, congratulations goes to Coco who bullied their way through the tournament and won resoundingly to finish a season where they really struggled. After finishing 6th in the regular season, they had to go out and beat the Borrachos (winners of the B League crown) twice. Once again congratulations to Coco!

Let’s not forget the teams who won the season. The Sons still brought the thunder and kept the Blackouts at bay for the crown. They finished a solid 3rd in the Cakey and continue to display the magic that gets them wins. The Borrachos get to enjoy a trip to the A League with their 1st place finish in the B and will be excited to get their first taste of A League excitement come next season.

As for your humble narrator, I greatly appreciate being able to tell the tales of the SSL and will step down after 3 seasons at the helm. I hope the stories I have regaled you with have kept you connected to the Shanghai scene. Don’t forget that the Eddies are this Friday night which are always a good time as we celebrate/roast those we love in the league. Enjoy summer league ball and all the best next season...

Owen out!

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