The pedigree of the team begins in the earliest days of Shanghai softball... the most winning team ever - predating the venerable Cakey Cup. The team name has morphed from China Link to Yellow Fever to the Mud Bugs to the Raquet Club and a few more stops along the way. Now the Boxing Cat - Step Dads are the latest incarnation of this powerhouse team. We are a mixed group of softballers. We have young single studs and old married geezers. We are teachers, business men, free lancers, engineers, financiers, merchandisers, traders, and everything in between. We have new comers to Shanghai and veterans of many years.

Step Dads, you ask? We are the Step Dads because we beat you and you hate us!

Established: 2010 Fall

Sponsors: Boxing Cat Brewery, Don Julio Tequila

Step-Dads Schedule