Back in the day, the Malone's team was a welcoming group of misfits aptly called the Meltdown - more concerned with discount food prices than winning. But from the long Winter and the collectiveness known as the Lang, emerged a new team bent on balancing the competitiveness to win while ensuring the good spirits of Softball Sundays - cruizin' to top five finishes in recent seasons. Now Malone's is taking off the sunglasses and streamlining their approach, fostering the last known pokemon, born from the fears of a man drunk off success- the Thudersharkz are stormin' Shanghai and using all the powers that be to slaughter the competition till all tha biatches are saying "Muuu!" Please be warned, the Thundersharkz travel in packs often accompanied by their friend The Rooster, who serves up the best spirits in town.

Established: 2012 Fall

Sponsors: Renaud, Cantina Agave, VCleanse 

Thundersharkz Schedule